For My Brothers

Okay, so I think this might be the last of my older poems I put up for now. This was definitely inspired by my friends back in my when I was in my 20’s. I love the emotional connection I have with this. It takes me straight back to my past in a moment.


For My Brothers.

I am a vision.

A product of the universe.

A series of influences strung together.

Me, just one of millions,

Forever living the past,

Setting the future.

Spreading the words and deeds,

Of my forefathers,

For my brothers.


We are a vision,

Us on this globe.

Entire races divided.

All of them striving for deliverance.

Each their own way.

Why do we struggle so?

Our goal is at hand.

We, are the salvation.

Now knowing this, go.

Celebrate life.

Search for new friendships,

New homes,

New adventures.

For my brothers.

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