The Static Ritual

So continuing with some of my older poetry, I thought I’d put this one up as it’s a nice piece. Loads of my old poetry won’t be put up here as it doesn’t meet my ‘cut’ now, but I think this one stands up.


The Static Ritual.

Stones stand,

All around the world.

Undaunted by time.

Oblivious to decay.

Ancient markers.

Pointing out the truth.

Pointing out our freedom.


Stones stand,

Patient sentinels on Earth.

Aligned with the stars.

Noble points of contact.

A call from our past.

Like a gauntlet thrown.

Shouting out the challenge.

Shouting for the search.


Stones stand,

A testament to will.

The power of men.

A symbol of unity.

Pinnacle of wisdom.

Tombstones of ignorance.

Daring us to rise.

Daring us to strive.

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